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What is Text Comparison?

Text comparison is a method to identify differences between two texts. It is commonly used to check document revision histories, code changes, and review pull requests.

Using Text Comparison Tools

Text comparison tools visually display differences between two texts, making it easy to identify changes at a glance. By using a text comparison tool, you can save time and efficiently confirm changes.

Methods of Text Comparison

There are several methods for comparing texts, including line-by-line comparison and word-by-word comparison. The level of detail in the displayed differences varies depending on the comparison method. It is important to choose the appropriate comparison method based on the situation and purpose.

Points to Consider

When comparing texts, it is important to consider the context. To understand the intention behind the changes in the text, check not only the changed parts but also the surrounding text.


Text comparison is an essential method for confirming changes in documents. Using a text comparison tool allows you to efficiently verify changes. When confirming changes, it is important to consider the context.